New in version 8.380 * Removed Russian language support * All used libraries are updated * Now compiled as Win64 app with Delphi 10.4 Neu in version 8.380: * Russische Sprache wird nicht mehr unterstützt * Alle genutzten Libraries wurden aktualisiert * Als Win64-Anwendung kompiliert unter Delphi 10.4
New in version 8.3 * Compiled with Delphi Seattle * Fixed mouse wheel in Design Mode under Windows 10 * Fixed combo box assertion exception * Fixed division by zero bug for bitmap rendering Neu in version 8.3: * Delphi-Seattle kompiliert * Bugfix für Mausrad im Design Mode unter Windows 10 * Bugfix für Combobox assertion code * Bugfix für Null-Division im Bitmaprenderer
New in version 8.2 * Activate fast-editing mode when "Undo limit" is set to 0 (esp. useful when dealing with large projects) * Updated to Delphi XE7 and graphics32-1-9-1-fixes-r2148 Neu in version 8.2: * Ultra-schnelles Editieren bei deaktivierter Historie (Anzahl rückgängig zu machender Schritte = 0) * Update auf Delphi XE7 und graphics32-1-9-1-fixes-r2148
New in version 8.1 * Support Windows font size settings 125%/150% * Refined liquid layout spec * Removed advertisements * Russian language is added (thanks to Alex!) Neu in version 8.1: * Unterstützung der Schriftgrößeneinstellungen 125%/150% * "Liquid-Layout"-Spezifikation verfeinert * Werbeweiterleitungen entfernt * Russische Sprache hinzugefügt (dank Alex!)
New in version 8 * Win64 version (20% faster) * Support for liquid layout Neu in version 8: * Win64 Version (20% schneller) * "Liquid-Layout"
New in version 6.3 * Open sourced DFM2HTML Components Suite * Compiled against Delphi XE3 * New homepage layout (thanks to Carlos Cruz) * Czech language is added (thanks to Radovan Plšek) Neu in version 6.3: * DFM2HTML Components Suite als Open Source verfügbar * Kompiliert mit Delphi XE3 * Neues Homepagelayout (Dank Carlos Cruz) * Tschechische Sprache hinzugefügt (Dank Radovan Plšek)
New in version 6.2 * Made Page dialog and Object Properties dialog resizeable, so that edit fields can also resize Neu in version 6.2: * Seitendialog und Objekteigenschaften-Dialog groessenverstellbar, an das sich Editierfelder anpassen
New in version 6.1 * Increased speed of HTML generation (about 10% faster) * Improved memory management during HTML generation Neu in version 6.1: * HTML-Generierung beschleunigt um 10% * Bessere RAM-Nutzung waehrend HTML-Generierung
New in version 6 * Import styles from a stylesheet file (context menu on stylesheet object) Neu in version 6: * Import von Stylesheet-Dateien (Kontextmenü des Stylesheetobjects)
New in version 5.1 * Undo limit editable in Options dialog Neu in version 5.1: * Anzahl der rückgängig zu machenden Schritte einstellbar im Optionen-Dialog
New in version 5 * Textual objects can now be edited directly (see Tips & Tricks) Neu in version 5: * Text-Objekte können nun direkt editiert werden (siehe Tips & Tricks)
New in version 4.5.3 * Added context menu to new editors Neu in version 4.5.3: * Neue Editoren haben nun Kontextmenüs
New in version 4.5.2 * Menu items Copy/Paste/Delete can now be used in new editors Neu in version 4.5.2: * Menüpunkte Kopieren/Einfügen/Löschen können nun auch auf die neuen Editoren angewandt werden
New in version 4.5.1 * Fixed bug with insert/delete in new editors Neu in version 4.5.1: * Bug-fix für Einfügen/Entfernen-Kommandos in den neuen Editoren
New in version 4.5: * New text editor with syntax highlighting * Added Forum menu item Neu in version 4.5: * Syntaxhervorhebung für HTML-Code * Forum-Menüpunkt hinzugefügt
New in version 4.4: * Performance fix for HTML file generation * File generation is now logged when uploading * Bundled with new color dialog Neu in version 4.4: * Performance-Fix für die HTML-Dateigenerierung * Dateigenerierung wird beim Upload gelogged * enthält neuen Farbdialog
New in version 4.3: * Fixed bugs with FTP component * Updated Spanish and French translation Neu in version 4.3: * Bugs mit der FTP-Komponente gefixt * Spanische und französische Sprache geupdated
New in version 4.2: * Fixed "Access is denied" bug when writing user files under Windows Vista. User data is now saved in the corresponding Windows user dir. Neu in version 4.2: * Benutzerdaten werden nun im Benutzerverzeichnis gespeichert und nicht mehr im Programme-Verzeichnis, was unter Windows Vista zu einer Exception führte.
New in version 4.1: * Afrikaans language is added (thanks to J.Delport!) * Use madExcept for bug reporting (written by Mathias Rauen) * Empty FTP password now means, that the password is queried from the user each time the site is published * Updated internal libraries, bug fixes Neu in version 4.1: * Afrikaans Sprache hinzugefügt (dank J.Delport!) * Bug-reporting mittels madExcept (von Mathias Rauen) * Leeres FTP-Passwort bedeutet, dass bei jedem Hochladen ein FTP-Passwort vom Benutzer abgefragt wird * Interne Libraries geupdatet, Bugfixes
New in version 4.0: * Alpha-channel support by new color dialog ( * added CSS3 checkbox in the Output options, to evaluate RGBA/rounded corners support in CSS3 enabled browsers * added French language/updated Spanish language (thanks to Fernando Deambrosio!) * Added "Resource Explorer" menu item, listing all resource requirements Neu in version 4.0: * Alpha-Channel-Support durch neuen Farbdialog ( * Mit der CSS3-Checkbox in den Optionen kann man RGBA/RundeEcken direkt in CSS3-fähigen Browsern begutachten * Französische Sprache hinzugefügt (dank Fernando Deambrosio!) * Der "Ressource-Explorer" listet alle Ressource-Abhängigkeiten auf
New in version 3.5: * Spanish language is added (thanks to Fernando Deambrosio!) * added 33 new templates in the "Workshop" folder (which more than doubled the size of DFM2HTML) (thanks to Andrea Claudia Delp (!) * fixed bug with generated PNG images * The default startup action can now be choosen in the options Neu in Version 3.5: * Spanische Sprache hinzugefügt (dank Fernando Deambrosio!) * 33 neue Vorlagen unter "Workshop" (Downloadgröße hat sich mehr als verdoppelt) (dank Andrea Claudia Delp (!) * Bug fix für generierte PNG-Dateien * Die Programmstart-Aktion kann nun in den Optionen eingestellt werden
New in version 3.4: * 83% Portuguese language support (thanks to Alex Albino de Almeida Barros!) * adjusted dfm2html.js for IE 8 * Tools | Object Explorer * two more templates * Image paths are stored relative to .dfm file if in same folder / subfolder Neu in Version 3.4: * Portugiesische Sprache zu 83% fertig (dank Alex Albino de Almeida Barros!) * Bug-Fix für IE8 in dfm2html.js * neu: Werkzeuge | Object Explorer * zwei weitere Vorlagen * Bild-Pfade werden relative zur dfm-Datei gespeichert, wenn im gleichen Verzeichnis oder einem Unterverzeichnis
New in version 3.3: * Italian language is added (thanks to Rinaldo M. aka Whiteshark!) * Fixed bug with IE7 and auto-width buttons Neu in Version 3.3: * Italienische Sprache hinzugefügt (dank Rinaldo M. aka Whiteshark!) * Bug-Fix für IE7 und auto-width-Buttons
New in version 3.2: * The path of generated artifacts can be adapted * "Check for update" functionality Neu in Version 3.2: * Man kann den Pfad von generierten Artefakten anpassen * "Auf Update überprüfen..."-Funktion
New in version 3.1: * <iframe>s are now transparent by default * Generated images can now be stored in the JPEG format
New in version 3.0: * Images are now stored outside of the .dfm document. To store images from older documents in a separate folder, use Tools | Externalize Images * Presets dialog is now translated to German language * Slovak language is added (thanks to Bernard Holy!)
New in version 1.901: * Fixed bug throwing a C0000005 exception in special situations
New in version 1.9: * New object type menu * A separate menu tutorial * Menu presets
New in version 1.8: * German tutorial + German UI integrated into program * New object type File
New in version 1.7: * Bug fixes * Added new Text Effect "Do not apply effects to text"; if set for text objects, the text itself is not rasterized, only the background * Added German tutorial
New in version 1.601: * It is now possible to define HTML code to be inserted at the very top of a HTML page (in the Page Properties dialog)
New in version 1.6: * PHP support; PHP examples in the Presets dialog; New PHP section in the Tutorial; * Tooltips can be defined in the Main tab
New in version 1.502: * Fixed HTML positioning bug; Now IE positioning code is moved from the HTML files to dfm2html.js * Fixed output bug with Template8.dfm
New in version 1.501: * Objects with contained alternative pages of different heights can now have different rastering images. This is used for the new template Template8.dfm. * Italic text now take a longer width than non-italic text * Uploaded files to an FTP server are remembered in the file SmartPublishingCRCs.txt. Thus only changes are uploaded to a FTP directory.
New in version 1.5: * Scrollable pages have a DIV implementation as default * IFRAMEs take the parent background-color * A stylesheet now takes the parent background-color * The line-height is inherited by parent objects (conforming to the CSS specs) * Updated Navigation section in the DFM2HTML tutorial * Added 5-min Guide * Added Find / Search Again menu items * Edit text at mouse cursor * Allow list of comma-separated font names (the first system-supported font is picked)
New in version 1.4: * Fixed a bug with IE text selection * Added support for Windows XP style * A new type can be defined for images: split * Rounded corners: vertical and horizontal radius can now separately be adjusted * Pos. sheet: Explicit value "Center" dropped. Now centering is done by omitting both the left and right anchor in Keep distance constant to. Now, the top and bottom anchor can independently be set when centering. * Added tutorial section Publish your project * Added templates Template7frames.dfm and Template6.dfm
New in version 1.3: * Fixed display issues with the Opera browser * New templates added * Image splitting for round rectangles * Possibility to insert HTML code/javascripts